Table of contents:

  1. Postmates
  2. Uber
  3. Sprout Social

These great emails can help inspire your own branding on your emails to take your designs to the next level. It may seem intimidating but it does not take much to make your emails look amazing!



Sometimes less is more and Postmates uses this tactic perfectly. “You’re now limitless.” is a pretty powerful “feel good” message that really amps up the newsletter. The image is attention-grabbing, especially with instantly recognized logos like Apple and Starbucks.



Uber doesn’t need a lot of introduction at this point. This email is also short simple and highlights the three great benefits that Uber includes along with their transportation service. Reinforcing these three features really helps to differentiate Uber from your typical taxi service. The three main points they are trying to convey here is “safe, secure, and convenient”.

Sprout Social

The really nice thing about this welcome email is Sprout presents you with a button to access the service right in the featured image. This takes out the need for the user to scroll through the entire email if they don’t want too. The rest of the email is on point, providing useful info including a sign-up link to a helpful webinar!


Email marketing can look awesome and elevate your brand with a little bit of work or it can annoy your audience with useless emails. As long as you put some effort into your email design, your email can look just as good as these top brands!


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