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All The Page Builders!

With all the different page builders out there for WordPress, it can be a really tough decision to choose one. Or maybe you don’t even need one and you can just use WordPress’s new page builder, Gutenberg. If you haven’t thought about searching around these various products you really should. Elementor is a very fluid and relatively easy to learn interface that presents a huge variety of options. They also have a great resource in the form of their YouTube channel with new tutorials and speed builds of pages and websites to give you some inspiration and real-world examples!

Here is a quick video from the people behind Elementor explaining what it is:


Some of the reasons why it’s great:

  • Works with any theme.
  • Extremely intuitive drag and drop editor
  • Tons of widgets and add-ons
  • Easy to design responsive editing
  • Virtually unlimited customization options
  • Comes with full page templates and content ready “blocks”
  • Front-end real-time design
  • Copy and paste content sections and styles to other places and across pages
  • Save custom global widgets and templates for easy access
  • Easily create custom headers, footers, blog posts/archives, portfolio pages and more!

It’s pretty easy to love Elementor with access to all of these amazing features. This isn’t even a definitive list. I’ve chosen to use Elementor to build this website and I hardly needed any other 3rd party plugins to do so! There’s nothing more convenient in web design when your builder has thought of almost everything they could think of.

Paid Vs. Pro

While Elementor is totally free to download and use on as many different websites as you want, there is a pro version that comes with extra benefits. To check out some of the pro features, take a look at there landing page here. However, as mentioned previously, you do not need these paid features to use Elementor.

How Do You Get Elementor?

It’s easy to install, just head over to the “add new plugins” section of WordPress and search Elementor.

It has well over 1 million active subscribers averaging 5 stars over almost 2,000 ratings! That should be all the social proofing you need to at least try it out. It can be used on virtually any type of website that you have whether it’s eCommerce, a blogging platform, a real estate site, or more! To find out different use case examples their YouTube channel is a great source as we previously mentioned here.

I will be posting tutorials with Elementor in the near future so please feel free to come back for more quick knowledge! Download Elementor to start designing your dream website today!


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